Does this sound like you?

Your weekends (... and maybe weeknights) include late nights out with friends or entertaining clients. You like to throw back a few drinks, but you wake up feeling foggy, tired, and well, hungover. Not only that, but your mornings are almost always early, and somehow you still need to find the time, energy, and mental clarity to exercise, clean your place, get promoted, read a book, and save the world?

Yep, that sounds like us too.

That's why we made Purple Rain Energy - Because We Live.  

What does Purple Rain Energy do?

Purple Rain serves two main purposes: 1) Prevent a hangover by helping your body better process the alcohol and 2) Provide a natural lift in energy, focus, and awareness.

When do I take it?

Purple Rain Energy is used as a hangover prevention - so it's designed to be taken shortly before or shortly after you have your first cocktail.  

How many do I need to take?

While everyone's needs varies, we recommend taking one Purple Rain Energy at the beginning of your night - and another 4 hours later if necessary (if you are out that late -  you crazy kid you!)

How many drinks can I have and not get hungover?

Again, everyone is different. It's great for a special occasions where you know you'll be having more than usual (weddings, bachelor/bachelorettes, etc) however it's also perfect for everyday use (client entertaining, happy hour with coworkers, wine at home, etc). 

Is it only for people who consume alcohol?

Nope! In fact we take Purple Rain Energy anytime we need a little bit of a lift. It's great for that 3pm slump or whenever you need a pick-me-up without the jitters or crash.

I've tried hangover products before and they didn't work. Why should I try Purple Rain?

Unlike products of the past (and some that are still out there) - Purple Rain Energy addresses the source of the problem and not the after effects. The natural ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbals) help your body detoxify the liver and break down the alcohol to prevent the dreaded hangover. No chemicals. No jitters. Don't believe us? Try Purple Rain for yourself on our Free Trial page. 

Is it safe to take daily?

Sure is! Purple Rain Energy is made of natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and natural caffeine.

Can I take one side of the packet for Energy, and one for the Hangover?

No - the ingredients are only activated when they are mixed together in water. 

Why are there two sides in one packet?

To preserve the ingredients, each side must remain separate until ready to consume. It's kind of like magic.