purple rain:

About Us and Our Commitment To You AVANA International Corp is proud to introduce, PURPLE RAIN ENERGY®, a unique energy drink designed to release progressive energy from its proprietary blend of 24 active ingredients, to energize and rejuvenate throughout the night and into the morning. Developed over a two-year process of research and development, PURPLE RAIN ENERGY® is a completely natural dietary supplement, derived from fruit and herbal extracts, fruit sugars, ginger extract, vitamin B complex, minerals, and amino acids. It is formulated into a tasteful effervescent beverage that is able to satisfy your need for both a continual boost of energy AND as a prevention and relief from an alcohol-induced "hangover."

Unlike any of its predecessors, PURPLE RAIN ENERGY® drink can give you an added boost to carry you through a long night, with its metabolic activators, and still leave you alert and refreshed the next morning, thanks to its formulation designed for progressive energy release. It's perfect for students staying up all night, overnight employees working the moonlight-shift, the frmequent or casual party-goers, clubbers and night-crawlers, late-night internet surfers, and anyone and everyone looking for a way to increase your stamina after a long night of work or play. Its "Anti-Hangover" effect is what sets PURPLE RAIN ENERGY® apart from all other energy drinks on the market, making it both innovative and complete.

We invite you to try PURPLE RAIN ENERGY®.

Why Drink Purple Rain? Because You Live...

The Progression of the Energy Drink Market - A Brief Review GENERATION I - The first energy drinks to hit the market were primarily caffeinated drinks with excessive sugar, which mostly targeted the youth. Both high in calorie and high in caffeine, these artificially-flavored drinks (e.g. JoltTM, Mountain DewTM) slowly began to lose public support because of health concerns.

GENERATION II - The next generation of energy drinks became the fastest growing beverage since the introduction of bottled water as the industry redefined the concept of the energy drink by combining caffeine with taurine, sugar, and different blends of vitamins. Currently there are over 300 products on the market, and more continue to enter with similar "Me Too" products, however the top 5 energy drinks make up 80% of the market.

GENERATION III ENERGY - The newest generation of energy drinks provides the transversal of sustained energy and "Anti-Hangover" effects through a balance of caffeine, three complex sugars, super B vitamin complex, and amino acids that are the essence of GEN 3 Energy. PURPLE RAIN ENERGY® its the only Generation III energy drink on the market today, and it is defined as a healthy energy drink that offers:
  • Fast Absorption- through faster action effervescence
  • Optimized Assimilation - with its proprietary blend of 24 active ingredients
  • Protective Active Ingredients - from natural sources

With the increasing demand for active and healthy lifestyles, most Generation I and Generation II energy drinks are incompatible with a nutritious diet, due to their artificial ingredients and unbalanced amounts of caffeine and sugar. Generation III Energy promotes a healthy lifestyle and gives its consumers a complete balance of energy and nutrients.